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Engineering products. Production of icons. Emergency lighting.
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Office 118, 3, Mussorgskys street, Moscow

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Engineering products

Own design office:

  • We are proud the our work. Our design office its brilliant minds capable of interesting and rational decisions in theirs developments, managing modern methods of designing. During the process of developments we use 3D modelling. Thats why our clients on initial (before creation of the design documentation) design stage can see the products and make suggestions and wishes in appearance and design of a product. The design documentation is carried out in according to ESKD.

Our manufacture possesses flexible technological opportunities:

  •  Hydroabrasive cutting.
  •  Production of metalwares.
  •  Powder painting.
  •  Production of air-vent unit heaters.
  •  Welding of aluminum alloys.
  •  Welding of stainless steels.
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Company Stigr-vagrem

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Engineering products, production of icons, emergency lighting.
Phone/fax: (495) 747-47-13, 747-46-74, (499) 202-84-33
Office 118, 3, Mussorgskys street, Moscow