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Engineering products. Production of icons. Emergency lighting.
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Office 118, 3, Mussorgsky’s street, Moscow

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Company «Stigr-vagrem»

Our company has already been designing and producing for 15 years elements of interior, heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems for electric trains and long-distance cars. Our organization took part in projects development and in production of electric trains ЭМ2И, «Sputnik», ЭД4Э, ЭД9Э, ЭД12, ЭД4МКу. Experts of our organization have worked out the equipment of ventilating, heating and cooling systems for electric trains. We worked out and made a support system of double-current microclimate for electric train’s cars which consists of a heater, of a ventilation installation and an air-conditioner and also of air channels. For more details about our company »

Emergency lighting

Аварийное освещениеEmergency lighting means lighting activated upon a failure of the working-light power supply system. Emergency lighting is used in high-risk work areas for escape-route lighting and also like standby lighting. Storage light-emitting diode (LED) luminaries together with light cursors are basic elements of emergency lighting. The adaptation of storage LED luminaries allows to achieve sizeable energy saving under minimal operating costs. For more details about emergency lighting »


Эвакуационные знакиEscape-route signs are used for label exits and escape routes. Icons, such as Exit signs, Fire-hydrant signs, Fire-cock signs, On-the-right/left-and-down/upstairs signs are mandatory attributes practically of any modern building, whether it is a business centre or a municipal building. For more details about Icons »

Hydroabrasive cutting

Гидроабразивная резкаHydroabrasive cutting offers an advantage concerning other kinds of cutting. This kind of cutting is notable for its high accuracy and speed of cutting, for the possibility of figured cutting of sheet materials on intricate profiles with any radiuses of rounding off and curvature. To the list of the materials, giving in hydroabrasive cutting it is possible to refer ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, granite, tile slab, marble, etc. By means of a hydroabrasive cutting’s technology it is possible to produce quickly and qualitatively a complex cut of sheet metals, including alloyed.
Phone.: 747-47-13; 781-16-25. For more details about Hydroabrasive cutting »

Aluminum composite panels

Алюминиевые композитные панелиAluminum composite panels offer a considerable quantity of advantages concerning traditional building materials: lightness, high strength, rigidity. Ability to shield electromagnetic radiation does the use of aluminum composite panels relevant in places with increased electromagnetic activity, such as medical centers, airports, and nowadays also office centers. For more details about Aluminum composite panels »

Engineering product

Our company possesses a design office and industrial enterprises and it allows fulfilling machine-building works of different types - from furnishing, to designing and production of heating and air conditioning systems of railroad cars. More in detail about machine-building products »

Company Stigr-vagrem

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Engineering products, production of icons, emergency lighting.
Phone/WhatsAPP/Telegram: +7 (985) 982-43-23
Office 118, 3, Mussorgsky’s street, Moscow