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Model "-1"

Emergency LED luminariy XLamp Cree Lighting Model: "-1"

Emergency LED luminariy XLamp Cree Lighting Model: -1


The luminary is designed to provide the escape-route lighting in public and residential indoor areas.

The luminary housing is made of aluminium a 1,5 mm thick, with following powder painting. The diffuser is made of shockproof polycarbonate. The luminary -1 can be made in following modifications:

  •  centralized power supply, supply voltage = 12 V;
  •  centralized power supply, supply voltage: 220 V AC, 50 Hz;
  •  independent, permanently activated, supply voltage: 220 V AC, 50 Hz

Distinctive advantage differences of the LED luminary -1 from the lamp one:

  •  The durability of the luminary is up to 100 000 hours, that allows to reduce considerably working costs;
  •  The luminous flux in emergency state makes 80 % from a luminous flux of the luminary electric mains operated ;
  •  category temperature range from -40 to +70.
  •  Conforms to GOST R IEC 60598-2-22-99
  •  IP20 luminary protection
  •  power input 6 watt
  •  The light source is bright LED lamps of series XLamp CREE (USA) company with light efficiency up to 80 lumen/watt
  •  Size: 32016070 mm
  •  The clear-visibility range 25 m
  •  Installation onto horizontal and vertical surfaces
  •  Electronic control unit with deep battery discharge protection
  •  Independent power source (NiCd high-temperature battery)
  •  The icon brightness and color conform to current regulations
  •  Climate-based versions and location categories UKhL2

Recommended application areas: airports, railway and bus stations, supermarkets, banks, amusement centers, public, and residential indoor areas.

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Engineering products, production of icons, emergency lighting.
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Office 118, 3, Mussorgskys street, Moscow